Monday, 20 November 2017


Zela Margossian’s music is a reflection of her journey in life. Born in Beirut of Armenian heritage, Zela’s music bears influences from the rich and colourful cultures that she represents. During her years studying piano performance in Armenia, Zela developed a great passion for the unique Armenian ethno-jazz that she experienced in the lively local scene. After moving to Sydney, she embarked on a new journey of nurturing this passion and has been making her mark here as a blossoming composer and artist. Zela’s music is best described as a fusion of folk and jazz, particularly carrying influences from Armenian traditional music.”

This is how the ‘Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival 2017’ describes the Zela Margossian Quintet that will perform on the evening of Thursday, 9th November. Mrs Margossian will be performing with a line-up of talented, multicultural musicians from Sydney who seamlessly combine their authentic sounds to create an exotic musical atmosphere that is sure to take you on an emotive and pleasurable journey.

The Armenian community of Sydney is lucky to have such a talented musician and we have been honoured to have her at Alexander school since her arrival. Mrs Zela Margossian-Gaspar joined our dedicated teaching staff in August 2008 and our music lessons have not been the same ever since! Her passion for music has inspired many students and her professionalism has helped produce many wonderful concerts and memorable performances.

The students look forward to her weekly music lessons and are captured by her ideas and suggestions to always move them to another level. This has been the key to her success and her drive to attain the best out of her students. The same is true of her students who do private piano lessons. Zela’s perfectionist yet gentle approach drives not only her students but also those around her to give their best.

While the community has witnessed her talent and wonderful performances at numerous events over the years, the parents of Alexander school have been fortunate to have her teach their children. Combined with Mrs Seta Keoshgerian, they have been a formidable team that is set to produce another wonderful cultural event next Sunday.

Therefore, a warm invitation is extended to members of our community to come along and enjoy a unique and exciting ‘Armenian Cultural Evening’. As you are aware, the event will take place on Sunday, 12th November 2017 in the Gemjian Hall.

3rd November, 2017
Manoug Demirjian