Monday, 7 August 2017

Debating News... 2 DEBATES = 2 WINS!

The Forest District Interschool Debating Competition’s second round of debates took place on Wednesday, 2nd August at John Colet school. In this debate we opposed the John Colet School. The topic was “There is no need for tests and exams”, and we were on the negative team. The negative team consisted of Kevork as first speaker, Christopher as second speaker, Lilit as third speaker and Anita was fourth speaker.

Our team was able to use strong arguments and well thought out rebuts, as to why we needed to conduct tests and exams. Kevork started his speech by defining the topic and putting forward a strong case line that “The first step to anything is tests or exams”. He used strong arguments and outlined numerous examples as to why doctors need to conduct tests, even from the day we are born, to check our health and development. He also stated that medicines need to be tested before they are prescribed to people, otherwise we will have dire consequences.

Second speaker Christopher was there and ready to rebut many of the points that the affirmative team put forward. He went on to inform us about the benefits of tests and exams and the important function they play before placing a product on the supermarket shelf. He argued that before someone becomes a pilot, driver or doctor, they need to show the skills to operate as they risk the safety and life of many people.

Lilit, our third speaker came out strong with a number of well thought out rebuts on the main points the opposition had raised and summed up her team’s case. Anita was our fourth speaker. Her role was to help with any rebuts if needed and to thank the adjudicators for rewarding us the win! She also thanked the John Colet school for hosting the event.

We like to take this opportunity and congratulate all the students for their effort so far. It is great team work, as every member of class contributes to the process. Our next debate is on Wednesday, 9th August, against the German International School. A win will secure our place in the finals.
Good luck debaters!