Sunday, 31 January 2016


Welcome back to another exciting year at AGBU Alexander Primary School! We hope you had a great start to the year and are ready for the ‘Year of Growth’!

This is the year we focus on our student’s Physical, Academic, Social & Spiritual Growth individually and as a School Community.

We aim to ‘Grow’ in all these aspects by showing real and tangible results and improvements, by focusing on our students individually and as a school community. Improvements and ‘growth’ in our already well established and highly developed facilities, resources, administration, communication, welfare, pastoral care, teaching and ultimately in the learning of our wonderful students.

We have started the year with the usual vim, verve and vigour! A big welcome to all the new Prep students and the new students joining in our Kindergarten and Year 3 classes. I’m happy to state that it took no time for the children to resume their routines while looking immensely relaxed and healthy after their holiday. They all began the job of learning enthusiastically and I’m sure this will set the tone for the rest of the year.

We have a busy year ahead of us and I believe we have the right people in the school community to help us grow and achieve at all levels… as we strive towards our motto, ‘To Grow & Serve’!

Monday, 18 January 2016


During the final week of school, for the first time students of Years 4-6 were introduced to a school in Singapore with a direct video call from their classroom. As the class organised itself in front of the camera and projected screen, they waited for the pre arranged time to make their connection and introduce themselves and our school to a group of students from ‘Hillside World Academy’ (formerly known as Chinese International School). For over thirty minutes they spoke, asked questions and heard how their newly introduced peers attend school. At one point, the conversation turned into Armenian as they started talking with student boarders, who have received scholarships to travel from Armenia to live and study in Singapore. It was interesting to find out that they not only learn English and Chinese, but also Armenian!

So how did this unique connection materialise? During October, we were visited by Mr Vahagn Vardanyan  from Singapore. He was here to conduct interviews and do research on his doctoral thesis. Mr Vardanyan is a native of Armenia, who has been living in Singapore for many years. He is currently the Head of High School at the Hillside World Academy which also has over ten students from Armenia.

During his visit to our school, after exchanging information about our education institutions, we suggested the idea of linking the students and establishing communication or educational dialogue between us. Upon his return, Mr Vardanyan took up the idea with the school executive and we are happy to state that we have made our first successful contact. We hope to continue the communication next year and share many of our activities and projects.