Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Nearly two weeks after our 25th Anniversary Concert the messages of heartfelt congratulations continue to flood in, underpinning the quality of our concert and the school achievements. The congratulations are first and foremost directed at our magnificent school for continuing to provide high quality education to young members of our community. Education that has set the foundation for their future endeavours. We are blessed by their continued presence, contribution and service to their school and community, many years on from their graduation. It is this strong sense of belonging and community spirit that gives us the strength to move forward, ‘To Grow & Serve’.

This initial stepping stone, yet vital service to the children of our community would not have been possible without the support of the Armenian General Benevolent Union. For over a quarter of a century the AGBU Central Board has been instrumental in maintaining this service, together with the support and dedicated efforts of the AGBU Sydney Chapter. Members of the School Board with their guidance and management have made sure the quality of service was not undermined, together with the school executive and members of staff. It is appropriate that we once again acknowledge their contribution and thank the Founding Members, our sponsors, the school families and the community for their support.
I would like to take this opportunity and also thank the following people for their contribution to the success of the concert. Special thank you to Serop Aslanian and Talar Kapterian for running the evening’s program. Thank you to Natalie Topouzian for delivering the Graduate’s speech and Natalie Urriola for speaking on behalf of the P&C Committee and as one of the first graduates. Also thank you to Zela Margosian-Gaspar and her ‘Mythra’ Ensemble for joining in the evening’s programme and accompanying the choir. Special thanks to the AGBU Tamzara Folk Dance Group, Sevag Keoshgerian for being the technician, and for the backstage assistants Aren Bedikian, George Keoshgerian, Michael Tateossian and Daniel Zorlu. Our appreciations also go to Vahe Keoshgerian for organising the delivery of the choir stands, the P&C Committee for providing sandwiches and special treats to all the performers. Mihran Kessikbashian for making the commemorative badges and help put together the commemorative bookmark. Last but not least, Tatiana Bedikian, Marine Anoushian and Ilda Zorlu for assisting the guests at the door. May God give all of you strength and good health to continue your valued contribution for the ultimate benefit of our children, our future. Finally, congratulations to all the students and staff for putting together a great performance.

Thank you to our parents, founding members, current and former Board and committee members, sponsors, supporters, family and friends for your support and dedication over the past 25 years. With your continued support we will continue to "Grow & Serve" for many years to come!

30th October, 2015
Manoug Demirjian

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