Monday, 30 June 2014


On Friday (20/06/14), our children turned out magnificently in Green and Gold to show support of the Socceroos and say thank you for their effort in the World Cup finals. They all looked cheerful and bright. There certainly had been a lot of care and consideration put into turning out in the National Colours. We also had banners and signs in support of the Socceroos.
Finally, the Green & Gold lunch special prepared by Ms Smith and the Year 5/6 class was unique and very creative! Even the lunch ingredients had the mix of Green & Gold! From yellow coloured rice, corn cobs, capsicums and custard dessert... to green capsicum, celery, broccoli and peas! All topped off with a choice of sausages or kangaroo meat!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


On the 21st of May, Nina, Taniel and I went to Kinma for the ‘Friendship Day’. When we got there we were greeted by some of the Kinma seniors. One of them took us to their hall. In the hall there were many different schools. Some of the schools were the German School, John Colet and Kamaroi Steiner School.

Our school  was chosen to go to the Friendship Day because we were one of the local schools. Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friendship all around the world. The first thing we did was the “friend game”. In the “friend game” you get a piece of paper with someone's name on it. Then you have to decorate the piece of paper. After that you have to find the person who has their name written on your card.

Before morning tea we learnt how to make friendship bracelets out of string. We all found a Kinma student and they taught us. We all made at least one bracelet. It was fun! Then we taught everyone at our school. They enjoyed making them too!

At lunch we had vegetarian tacos with orange juice. We played for about ten minutes and then the teacher told us to come to the basketball court. From there she sent us in schools to get dessert. For dessert we ate Neapolitan ice cream with sprinkles. After our ice cream we went on a bushwalk for twenty minutes.

We had fun at Kinma and we were all a bit sad to leave. For me the day felt like it went for only one hour.

By Noah


Dear Dan,
We are writing to you to thank you for a fantastic tour of New Leaf Nursery yesterday.
We really enjoyed coming to your nursery and learning about lots of different plants and animals.
It has really inspired us to plant our own gardens at home and build a chicken coup at school.
We learnt so much in such a short time. We really appreciate you sharing your expert knowledge with us and showing us so many sections of your nursery. Our favourites were holding the chickens, watching the ducks being hosed, visiting the compost area.........pretty much everything really!
Also thank you for your amazing generosity; the tamarilloes, the seeds, the free plants and the discounts.
We look forward to seeing you again soon when we purchase our hens for our school chicken coup.
Kind regards,

Year 5/6 and Ms Smith
AGBU Alexander Primary School


On Wednesday (21/5/14) the students from Years 3 and 4 visited the Sydney Japanese School to enhance their learning about cyber-safety. In this exciting and engaging production the students were alerted to the dangers and consequences posed in a world full of changing technology. The show explored the world of cyber-bullying and the importance of cyber-safety. Through story and song the students were taught important lessons about how to safely use technology and what to do if they experience cyber bullying.