Saturday, 12 April 2014


Over the past few weeks students have been creative during lessons in Eastern Armenian. While covering topics on healthy eating, they have also been learning about different fruits and vegetables. In order to stimulate discussion and enhance their oral and communication skills, students used a variety of fruits and vegetables to make their own ‘funny face’. It was fun to make them and even better when they ate them!


On Wednesday (26 March, 2014) the students of AGBU Alexander primary School visited the neighbouring Kinma School to be entertained by ‘Datiwuy Dreaming’.
This group of performers presented traditional Aboriginal stories to the students through song and dance. The students were able to join with the group, singing and moving to the stories and songs. This program entertained the students while introducing them to the life and culture of Yolngu people of North-East Arnhem Land.
After the performance the students joined the students from Kinma School, The German School and Yanginanook Christian School for a delicious morning tea provided by Kinma School and our Alexander school parents. The students then played together until it was time to return to school.


Thank you to all the families and friends who attended our Working Bee this Term. With our combined effort, we managed to remove the weeds and trim the plants in garden. The driveway and playground edges were cleaned and weeded out for a much tidier look. Trees were trimmed and dead ones along the edge of the property removed. Gutters were cleaned including the stormwater pits. It was also a good opportunity to  fix the broken or cracked windows. As usual, the children provided help were needed. The grounds, in front of the classrooms and under the veranda were cleaned with pressure wash, including the aluminium seating and tables in the quadrangle. The covered area was also cleaned and the stage was setup, ready for our Easter concert.

There is always a great feeling of community and a sense of satisfaction when our families get together, enjoy each others company and work for the good of the school in such a willing way. A note of thanks to Mr Garbis Abedjian, a former parent, who has been attending our Working Bees over the last few years and dedicating his special skills and volunteer time over numerous school projects. Thank You - heaps!!


Every Thursday, students line up near the Canteen during morning tea, ready to be served by Mrs Sonia Apanian. However, they are not there to purchase from the Canteen, but have lined up at the teller’s line for School Banking, which is open for business.

It is pleasing to see children being responsible with their money and making wise decisions on saving or investment. No matter how small their deposits are, the regular visit to the ‘bank’ teaches them the skills and gives them the opportunity to set their own goals and investment targets.

The ‘Dollarmites’ program is part of Commonwealth Bank’s Youthsaver Account, specially tailored to meet the needs of children and their parents.