Saturday, 13 December 2014


The year of 2014 has come to a successful end. This year has been busy, fun, active and rewarding for all the students at AGBU Alexander Primary School.

We have had many travels, memories and class activities. One of them being our excursion to Canberra with the John Colet School, in which we represented our school very well. Our achievements also include participating and winning the Interschool Debating Competition. Our memories of the two sporting events of the year, being the Integrated Sports Day and the Sports Carnival. Also putting on a fantastic show at our annual Book Week Assembly.

The school this year unveiled our very own Chicken Coop and Greenhouse. Both of these areas were constructed and completed in the late weeks of term 3. The chickens have been very successful in producing eggs!

I have been honoured to represent my school in the year of 2014 as School Captain. I know that I am prepared to begin my journey through high school. I would like to give a big thank you to the teachers who have helped me through their encouragement and support. I feel very honoured that for the past seven years AGBU Alexander Primary School has been my second home. This school has taught me to read and write in both English and Armenian, it has also taught me about my culture and the meaning of our motto “To Grow and Serve”.

As to all of the students beginning their journeys at Alexander School in 2015, I am very confident that you will have the most memorable and enjoyable 7-8 years of your life. To our new school captain, enjoy the big responsibility as School Captain. I know it is a great honour to represent your second home.  

I would like to thank my family and friends for their support and helping me through my enjoyable time at AGBU Alexander Primary School. Thank you also to our school Board and P&C who have helped maintain the school in a wonderful environment.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday...  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Krikor Demirjian


Since the start of term, the students of Years 5 and 6 have been enhancing their research skills by improving their understanding and application in this important area of the curriculum. The students have been gaining advanced research skills to better equip and prepare them to high school thanks to the support of an external assistant joining in their classroom.

With research skills being considered an integral part of the curriculum, our students are privileged enough to gain a leading edge, thanks to the support of our volunteer Library Coordinator Mrs Armine Sevazlian. During the weekly lessons the students have been working on their research tasks and will soon present their projects, which will also be added to the library database for future reference.

In addition, the lessons have been part of the Library upgrade project, as the students are becoming familiar with the new Oliver Junior library software. It is great to see the Library turning into a hub of activity as students gain lunchtime access, progressively transforming it into an ‘Information Resource Centre’. The school website is currently going through an upgrade to include a library page and to setup a direct link to the library catalogue system. I would like to take this opportunity and sincerely thank Mrs Sevazlian for taking on this task and carrying through a worthwhile project.


Many thanks to the families and friends who attended our Spring Working Bee last Sunday (23/11/14). Thanks to everyone’s effort the school grounds are looking nicer and brighter than ever!

Apart from weeding, shrub and tree trimming of the front gardens, we managed to give the playground and the veranda areas in front of the classrooms a good wash and pressure clean. Gutters were also cleaned out and the new cupboards or wardrobes were assembled in the storage shed. As a result of the hard work put in by everyone, during one of the hottest days of the year, we were able to greatly improve the appearance of the school grounds.

A special Thank You to: Garbis Abedjian, Ara and Ani Ananyan,, Ara Arzoumanian, Souren Bozikian, Steven Khatchadourian, Victor and Karis Khatchadourian, Emil Khoudair, Vahe and Cynthia Tomassian, Vatche Topouzian, Elena Zalata and the children who worked very hard and provided help were needed.

There is always a great feeling of community and a sense of satisfaction when our families get together, enjoy each others company and work for the good of the school in such a willing way. Well done everyone!


On Monday (17/11/14) we welcomed a group of visitors from Armenia headed by Hrachya Harutyunyan, Acting CEO of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. Accompanying him were renowned Armenian singers Masha Mnjoyan & Murad Markhasyan, joined by the Australian Representative of the Diaspora Minister Mr Edvart Tarpinian and other committee members. The guests were greeted and welcomed by our Captain after being led into the hall. A special program was presented with songs, recitals and an instrumental.

The guests were pleasantly surprised by the special presentation and impressed by the student performance. In his return address, Mr Harutyunyan praising the students and the school in keeping the Armenian language and culture alive in a community far away from the homeland. The warm feelings that were generated inspired our guest from Gumri, Murad Markhasyan to sing a few songs for the children. The students also joined in the singing and were entertained by this unique experience.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Last Friday (14 November), for the second year in a row, a group of students had an overnight camp on school grounds. The Year 5/6 students, with the wonderful support of Ms Smith, came to school on Friday and didn’t go home until Saturday morning!

Following the successful trial last year, once again this was a great learning experience where the students had the opportunity to not only set up for camp but also prepare, cook and set their own meals. Dinner was delicious and breakfast was fabulous! We are not quite sure, but somehow they managed to sleep well in their small tents and on hard ground! Most importantly, they certainly enjoyed each others company and will cherish this memory for years to come, as we get ready to farewell our Year 6 graduates.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Thank you to all the parents for supporting the Soccer Tournament at the German International school last Saturday. The children enjoyed the opportunity to play as a team in a tournament environment, against other international or bilingual schools.

The Year 3/4 team did exceptionally well, as they qualified for the ‘little final’ for a third place play-off. After a nil all draw they went to a penalty shoot-out. Following the few minutes of nail biting tension, they were able to defeat the Sydney Japanese school and were placed third! The Year 5/6 team also performed well and enjoyed the experience. Overall it was a fun day out where they had the opportunity to meet other students and parents from the Italian, Japanese, German and John Colet school. We hope to do it again next year. Go Team Armenia!

Saturday, 1 November 2014


Day 1:
On a Monday morning the 15th of September, Year 5/6 woke up an hour earlier than usual to catch the bus to Canberra. We made it to the bus stop and only waited a few minutes before the bus arrived. After watching two movies on the bus we had already reached our first destination.
* * *
We were so excited that we finally made it to our first destination, The National Film and Sound Archive. Our tour guide explained about the old cameras and films. Then we watched some old films and damaged clips.
After that we went to the famous Parliament House. We first went to the Great Hall where a huge 20 metres wide by 9 metres high tapestry covered the whole wall. We then went to the Senate. Unfortunately it wasn’t a sitting week. Then we went to The House of  Representatives which was followed by a mock parliament where we pretended to be politicians.
At the end of the day we checked into Camp Cottermouth. The boys and the girls were in different cabins and were rooming with John Colet students. After we had dinner. Past students had said that the food at Canberra is not nice, but they were proved wrong, it was surprisingly delicious! We then watched a movie and went to bed.

Day 2:
We woke up quite early in the morning. We got dressed and saw the cute kangaroos eating grass. We then had breakfast and set off for the Australian Electoral Commission which was at the old Parliament House. We took a walk in the Senate and the House of Representatives gardens because there was a group that went in before us. We also had recess in these beautiful gardens.
At the AEC we watched a film about democracy in  Australia and then we went to a room where we had different stations to study the voting process. Then we had a turn to try out the preferential voting process by engaging in a mock election.
After that we went to the National Museum of Australia where we saw all sorts of art works and historical things like planes, trains, dinosaurs and Australian native animals.
Next we went to Cockington Green. Before we went in we had our sandwiches that we had made ourselves after breakfast. Once we finished we entered the building and we saw many miniature models of houses, stadiums and international monuments. Once we saw all of the models we shopped at the gift shops and made our way out.
Next stop was the Australian War Memorial. We looked at all of the wars that Australia has participated in. We looked at the World War I and World War II displays. We then laid down a wreath next to the pool of reflection.
Then we went back to camp where we had another delicious dinner. Then we went to our cabins but before we went to bed we played “murder in the dark” with our John Colet friends and then it was lights out.

Day 3:
This morning when we woke up we were all sad that we were leaving but happy that we were going home. Today’s breakfast was pancakes and they were the most delicious meal yet! We then packed and we were off to Questacon. It was so fun. We went to the shop first and bought many different science games and trinkets.
Next was the Australian Institute of Sport. It was better than we imagined. We were shown around the many sporting venues by an AIS athlete. There was also an interactive place where we could practice some sports on equipment and interactive video games.
Before we knew it the Canberra trip was over and we were going home. We all had a great time, seeing and learning lots of new things and making many new friends.

Years 5 & 6 Students

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


On Wednesday (22 October, 2014), the students of Years 3-6 participated in the Surf Life Saving NSW Junior First Aid Course. The students thoroughly enjoyed the two hour session learning what to do if they were the first person at the scene of an accident. The course covered all the important life saving issues and was presented in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Each student learnt and performed the valuable skills of C.P.R. and by the end of the two hours, was able to bandage every known part of the body. It was great to see the students having fun while learning very important skills for life.


On 19 September, on the eve of the 23rd Anniversary of Independence for the Republic of Armenia,Years 5/6 visited the Alexander Nursing Home at Dee Why to celebrate the special occasion.

In school tradition, our annual visit included a program of poetry recitals, patriotic songs and dance much to the delight of the elderly. The children sang and spoke well and were deeply appreciated by the residents, who also loved the opportunity of getting to know them afterwards.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


On Tuesday (2/09/14) our students joined students from the German International School, the Italian Bilingual School, Galstaun College and Sydney Japanese International School for a fun packed ‘International Sports Day’. Sydney Japanese International School hosted a fantastic day of varied and exciting activities.

The day started with all the students joining together and competing as coloured teams, not school groups. This enabled the students to meet and make new friends. After an invigorating warm up, the students participated in the 100m sprints. All students then had the opportunity to partake in the long jump. After that all the students showed their strength in the whole team event of the tug of war. The teams were able to compete in Tamaire, a traditional Japanese game where balls are thrown into high baskets on poles. Many students then chose to involve themselves in the taxing 800m race.

After stopping for lunch all students did the Ghenkis Khan dance. Next it was time for the Big Ball race. The race winners were then acknowledged in a certificate presentation. All the students would agree that it was a stimulating day for all involved.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Debating News... Defending Champions off to a Great Start!

The debating season has arrived! On the 7th of May the Year 5/6 students went to the Sydney Japanese School for the debating workshop. While we were there we learnt all the key rules about debating for example roles of speakers, rebuts, repairs and thinking on the spot.
On the 21st of May the debating season kicked off. Our school was the host of the first round. We were up first debating against Galstaun Collage. The topic of our debate was “Homework is necessary”. We were the negative team.
The negative team consisted of Silvy as first speaker and Serly as second speaker because she filled in for Narek. Krikor was third speaker and Stella was fourth speaker. The chairperson and timekeeper of the two debates of the first round was Tzolare. The result was very close but we were slightly better and we WON!!!
The debate after that was John Colet School versus the German School. The topic was for their debate was “Schools should be coeducational”. The John Colet School won that debate.
Our next debate is on the 18th of June. Our opponent is the John Colet School and the host is the German International School. Our topic is “we can choose how active we need to be”. Again we are the negative team.  We are confident in this topic but will have to have good research and rebuts to beat this strong opponent. Fingers crossed!

By Krikor and Tzolare

Debating News ~ Round 3

Last week (18/6/14) our school competed in the third round of the debating season. Round 2 was our bye and we went to the Sydney Japanese School to practise rebuts. The third round was held at the German School.
Serly’s mother helped with transport and Mrs Holman (Student Teacher) came along to watch. First up was the German school versus the Japanese school. Their topic was “Native animals need our care”. The negative team, the Japanese school won. Next up was our school against the John Colet School. The topic was “We should choose how active we need to be”. We were the negative team. Our team consisted of Stella as first speaker, Krikor as second speaker, Silvy as third speaker and Serly as fourth speaker.
We won that debate!! Two down and two to go. We have already started getting ready for the next debate with the topic “It is better to travel then arrive”. We are the negative team!!

By Krikor and Serly

Monday, 30 June 2014


On Friday (20/06/14), our children turned out magnificently in Green and Gold to show support of the Socceroos and say thank you for their effort in the World Cup finals. They all looked cheerful and bright. There certainly had been a lot of care and consideration put into turning out in the National Colours. We also had banners and signs in support of the Socceroos.
Finally, the Green & Gold lunch special prepared by Ms Smith and the Year 5/6 class was unique and very creative! Even the lunch ingredients had the mix of Green & Gold! From yellow coloured rice, corn cobs, capsicums and custard dessert... to green capsicum, celery, broccoli and peas! All topped off with a choice of sausages or kangaroo meat!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


On the 21st of May, Nina, Taniel and I went to Kinma for the ‘Friendship Day’. When we got there we were greeted by some of the Kinma seniors. One of them took us to their hall. In the hall there were many different schools. Some of the schools were the German School, John Colet and Kamaroi Steiner School.

Our school  was chosen to go to the Friendship Day because we were one of the local schools. Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friendship all around the world. The first thing we did was the “friend game”. In the “friend game” you get a piece of paper with someone's name on it. Then you have to decorate the piece of paper. After that you have to find the person who has their name written on your card.

Before morning tea we learnt how to make friendship bracelets out of string. We all found a Kinma student and they taught us. We all made at least one bracelet. It was fun! Then we taught everyone at our school. They enjoyed making them too!

At lunch we had vegetarian tacos with orange juice. We played for about ten minutes and then the teacher told us to come to the basketball court. From there she sent us in schools to get dessert. For dessert we ate Neapolitan ice cream with sprinkles. After our ice cream we went on a bushwalk for twenty minutes.

We had fun at Kinma and we were all a bit sad to leave. For me the day felt like it went for only one hour.

By Noah


Dear Dan,
We are writing to you to thank you for a fantastic tour of New Leaf Nursery yesterday.
We really enjoyed coming to your nursery and learning about lots of different plants and animals.
It has really inspired us to plant our own gardens at home and build a chicken coup at school.
We learnt so much in such a short time. We really appreciate you sharing your expert knowledge with us and showing us so many sections of your nursery. Our favourites were holding the chickens, watching the ducks being hosed, visiting the compost area.........pretty much everything really!
Also thank you for your amazing generosity; the tamarilloes, the seeds, the free plants and the discounts.
We look forward to seeing you again soon when we purchase our hens for our school chicken coup.
Kind regards,

Year 5/6 and Ms Smith
AGBU Alexander Primary School


On Wednesday (21/5/14) the students from Years 3 and 4 visited the Sydney Japanese School to enhance their learning about cyber-safety. In this exciting and engaging production the students were alerted to the dangers and consequences posed in a world full of changing technology. The show explored the world of cyber-bullying and the importance of cyber-safety. Through story and song the students were taught important lessons about how to safely use technology and what to do if they experience cyber bullying.

Monday, 12 May 2014


The students had a great start to the term with a visit from Healthy Harold and the Life Education van.

P/K were invited to a picnic with the Healthy Harold crew. They had lots of fun following the map to the picnic spot in the park, as well as providing some delicious party food. Along the way they learnt about handling illness and injury, syringe safety and safety in the park.

Years 1-4 explored cybersafety through animation, vox pops of children and relevant scenarios, discussions and problem solving. The session taught the students how to be safe and behaviour appropriately online.

Years 5/6 participated in the program ‘It’s Your Call’ where they learnt about the consequences of a range of legal drugs and the factors that influence health and behaviour. They gained skills and strategies about  how to deal with unsafe situations, social dilemmas and the safe and appropriate use of communication technology.

All the children enjoyed their valuable educational experiences with Harold. We would like to extend a big thank you to Louise who guided all the students through the various programs.


The overcast weather during the last Sunday of the Easter break did not hinder the school families joining in a picnic organised by the P&C Committee. It was evident that after two weeks of holiday the children were glad to see each other and have a relaxed time playing and enjoying each others company. Thank you to the organising committee and all the parents who supported the event.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Over the past few weeks students have been creative during lessons in Eastern Armenian. While covering topics on healthy eating, they have also been learning about different fruits and vegetables. In order to stimulate discussion and enhance their oral and communication skills, students used a variety of fruits and vegetables to make their own ‘funny face’. It was fun to make them and even better when they ate them!


On Wednesday (26 March, 2014) the students of AGBU Alexander primary School visited the neighbouring Kinma School to be entertained by ‘Datiwuy Dreaming’.
This group of performers presented traditional Aboriginal stories to the students through song and dance. The students were able to join with the group, singing and moving to the stories and songs. This program entertained the students while introducing them to the life and culture of Yolngu people of North-East Arnhem Land.
After the performance the students joined the students from Kinma School, The German School and Yanginanook Christian School for a delicious morning tea provided by Kinma School and our Alexander school parents. The students then played together until it was time to return to school.


Thank you to all the families and friends who attended our Working Bee this Term. With our combined effort, we managed to remove the weeds and trim the plants in garden. The driveway and playground edges were cleaned and weeded out for a much tidier look. Trees were trimmed and dead ones along the edge of the property removed. Gutters were cleaned including the stormwater pits. It was also a good opportunity to  fix the broken or cracked windows. As usual, the children provided help were needed. The grounds, in front of the classrooms and under the veranda were cleaned with pressure wash, including the aluminium seating and tables in the quadrangle. The covered area was also cleaned and the stage was setup, ready for our Easter concert.

There is always a great feeling of community and a sense of satisfaction when our families get together, enjoy each others company and work for the good of the school in such a willing way. A note of thanks to Mr Garbis Abedjian, a former parent, who has been attending our Working Bees over the last few years and dedicating his special skills and volunteer time over numerous school projects. Thank You - heaps!!


Every Thursday, students line up near the Canteen during morning tea, ready to be served by Mrs Sonia Apanian. However, they are not there to purchase from the Canteen, but have lined up at the teller’s line for School Banking, which is open for business.

It is pleasing to see children being responsible with their money and making wise decisions on saving or investment. No matter how small their deposits are, the regular visit to the ‘bank’ teaches them the skills and gives them the opportunity to set their own goals and investment targets.

The ‘Dollarmites’ program is part of Commonwealth Bank’s Youthsaver Account, specially tailored to meet the needs of children and their parents.

Friday, 21 March 2014


On Wednesday 12 March, students from Prep to Year 1 were invited to join a performance called the ‘Lazy Town - Eat Well & Get Active’ at the Sydney Japanese School. LazyTown captured the imagination of students as it empowered them to work towards having a healthy body, eating a balanced diet and being active.

At the start of the show, things were upside down in LazyTown! Fortunately LazyTown was under the watchful eye of Sportacus, an athletic, super-fit, slightly-above-average hero, who runs, jumps, flips and flies to the rescue. He was always on the move. However, not everyone in LazyTown aspired to be like Sportacus. Robbie Rotten had the intent of keeping LazyTown… lazy! The only way Robbie Rotten could continue eating snacks and watching TV was a new and amazing scheme... to send LazyTown’s SuperHero, Sportacus, out of town – forever! Thanks to everyone’s support, Sportacus was able to defeat Robbie Rotten by motivating the kids to exercise and made sure LazyTown was no longer lazy!

It was obvious that all students enjoyed the show and got involved in all the activities.