Sunday, 28 July 2013


On Sunday, 21 July 2013 a group of students from AGBU Alexander Primary School took part in a joint community concert on the occasion of ‘Vartavar’. The event was organised by the coordinators of the Armenian Apostolic Church Sunday School. Our students performed together with a group of students from Galstaun College and the AGBU Alex Manougian Saturday School.
The concert was held in the Edgarian Hall, following the Sunday Mass. In attendance were His Grace
Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, clergy, members of the church council and community at large. They were all delighted by the wonderful performance and the quality of the presentation put forward by all the students.
Once again, students of Alexander school put on a magnificent display receiving the praise of His Grace and the audience. It was a great display of community spirit and cooperation for the benefit of the children.
We would like to take this opportunity and thank the parents for their cooperation. Special thank you to Mrs Seta Keoshgerian for her assistance in preparing the students and supporting the organising committee.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


The last Thursday of the school term saw the culmination of our Asian Studies in HSIE. The celebrations started with a delicious lunch of Thai fried rice, chicken satay sticks, butter chicken, roti bread, spring rolls and sushi. For dessert the students were able to get an insight into their futures by choosing a sweet tasting fortune cookie. Then students were then able to share the knowledge they had gained about their Asian country in our special assembly.

After presenting the information they had learnt about India Years 1 & 2 acted out a shadow puppet performance of the traditional Indian folktale ‘The Little Mice and the Big Elephants.’ They then entertained us by playing the Indian melody of ‘Baak bakum paira’. Years 3 & 4 presented their enthralling knowledge of Thailand. They translated some common words into Thai and taught us how to say these words. They then told the traditional Thai tale of ‘In and Na’. Years 5 & 6 presented their extensive knowledge of Japan. The school learnt how to count to ten in Japanese with the Year 5/6 guidance. The students were fascinated to see the 5/6 photographic chronicle of the making of sushi rolls. Lastly we were entertained by the Prep - 2, as they used the Indian hand movements of ‘hastas’ to represent animals in a dance performance.   

The children were able to dress in the appropriate costume of the country. All the students had a great educational experience learning about some of the unique customs and aspects of the daily life of the three Asian countries studied.

Thank you to all the teachers for organising the event and helping prepare the food and dress the children.