Sunday, 16 June 2013


All students in Year 3-6 now have an account on the school domain with ‘Google Apps for Education’. As I have stated before, the time has come for schools to embrace the idea of integrating technology and do ‘different things’ in the classroom. We need to empower our students, the employees of the 21st Century, to think outside the box and do different things in order to have a competitive edge over their counterparts and become masters of their fields. We need our students to become ‘co-constructors of knowledge’ rather than one expert telling them what they know. ‘Google Docs’ is one of the tools that helps to achieve this by providing opportunities for students and teachers to work more effectively in a collaborative environment.

Students are progressively being introduced to their Goggle Apps. They have so far setup and personalised their ‘Gmail’, ‘Calendar’ and are now starting to create documents using ‘Google Docs’.  This online office suite is the core foundation allowing users to create word processing documents, slideshow presentations, and spreadsheets. Students will no longer need to have ‘Microsoft Office’ or a similar product installed to create and save documents. Most importantly, these documents can be worked on collaboratively in real-time, by both staff and students. They can then share it with their teacher or class as required. Students will no longer need to transport documents to school via flash drives or by attaching them to emails that they send to themselves. The work they start at school can be completed at home and be shared or presented to their teacher with great ease… this is ‘Cloud’ computing and we are right on top of it!

Manoug Demirjian

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