Tuesday, 25 June 2013


This week’s debating topic really tested Years 5 & 6s brainpower. The topic was “Sixteen should be the voting age.” Alexander School was the negative side against John Colet. Yet again, our planning really prepared us to speak and argue really well. Our case line was we believed sixteen should not be the voting age as 16 year olds are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of deciding who should run our country. Our team consisted of Samuel, Kevork, Ani and Jonathan.

Each team member spoke extremely confidently, clearly and with great expression in their voices. Our rebuttals were clear and made sense.
Our first speakers’ arguments were 16 year olds brains are not mature enough yet, politics has no real relevance and they won’t take the process seriously. Our second speakers’ arguments were they are not responsible enough yet, voting can be confusing and it might convince them they can do other things that may endanger their lives.
In the end we were declared the clear winners with the adjudicators making mention of how expressive our speakers were and the amount of clear rebuttals our team used.
Thank you to Mrs Sossie Giragosian who was able to help  transport Year 5 & 6 to the debate.
Mrs Meaghan Terrey
Debating Coordinator

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