Wednesday, 22 May 2013


We were honoured to have a very special visitor. Tsvetana Paskaleva, an award winning international correspondent and filmmaker presented a glimpse of her documentary/film “Karabakh’s Wounds” during assembly. It was very inspiring and heartening to hear her explain how the children of Karabakh continued to go to school and be playful even during the conflict with Azerbaijan, and how this kept her going as a reporter in the region at worst of times.

The Armenians of Karabakh and around the world will forever be indebted to her, for her amazing courage and dedication. As a Bulgarian born journalist, she had come like an angel to help the people of Karabakh and inform the rest of the world about their plight.

The students were intrigued with her story and asked interesting questions, vowing to never forget the visit and the names of those heroic solders she spoke about. Heroes like... Monte Melkonian, Ashot Ghoulian (Pegor)… heroes of our modern day history, the descendants of Vartan Mamigonian, David of Sasoun...

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