Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Every second Friday throughout the term Year 3/4 have been going on a bushwalk. Each time we try to explore a different street in Duffys Forest. These are some of the discoveries we have made on our adventures.

I found a beautiful Lily lying near long sticks. I found it on the amazing bushwalk our class went on the 15th March 2013. I felt so happy that I was going to find more wonderful things. (Chanel)

My whole class found some pretty horses. My class found these cool horses at the stables. They found them at the end of the bushwalk. I felt cool that my class saw some beautiful horses because I haven’t seen horses for a long time. (Talia)

This is a photograph of Talia, Tzolare, Chanel, Samo, Nina, Taniel, Noah and Matthew. We are in a line singing the “Element Anthem” on our bushwalk on Friday. I was so happy singing the Element Anthem.(Taniel)

Our teacher found this dark rock on the side of the road on the bushwalk. I felt scared because I thought there was a scary snake in there. (Samuel)

Ms Smith took an awesome photograph of me power napping on the comfy rope fence. When she took the photograph I felt very relaxed zzzzzzz until the rope broke! (Noah)

Nina found a scary dead parrot on the dirt track. We found it at the beginning of the bushwalk. I felt very happy to find an amazing parrot. (Matthew)

On the muddy bushwalk on Friday we found lots of squishy mushrooms but these were the best one. They smelt bad that’s why I felt revolted. (Nina)

This is me and I found a patterned tree. It was in a bushy place I could see. I felt really really happy to see this pattern tree. (Tzolare)

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