Monday, 27 May 2013


On Wednesday, Years 5 & 6 travelled to Galstaun College to present their negative side of the debate “We are responsible enough to choose what we eat.” Kevork, Jessica, Ani and Samuel were our successful team debating the German School.

Our first speaker's arguments dazzled the adjudicators. Kevork spoke about the consequences of an unhealthy diet and the health problems that can occur such as dental issues and Diabetes. Our second speaker, Jessica argued about bad role modelling, tempting food advertisements and confusing nutritional information labels. We debated really well, following the correct structure for each speaker and rebutting the affirmative teams arguments.

The second debate of the day was between John Colet and Sydney Japanese School. Their topic was "City children have the advantage." This was another interesting debate. The Sydney Japanese School was the winner.

As it stands in the competition, Alexander Primary has won 2 out of 2 debates, John Colet has won 1 and Sydney Japanese School has won 1.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Serge Manoukian who was able to help in our hour of need to transport our class to the debate.

Our next debate is Week 8 on Wednesday 19th June.

Mrs Meaghan Terrey
Debating Coordinator


On Tuesday 21st May, Krikor, Stella, Serly and I went on a trip to the Kinma School in Duffys Forest. When Mr Manoug dropped us off we gathered in their big hall. A person asked for our names to put in a basket. After all our names were put in, we had to pick out a name and write it down on a piece of rectangle paper. You had to write it as neatly as possible with decorations. Then we had to find the person whose name we had written.

After this, all the schools had interviews with each other. Questions that were asked were what their name was and what they like about their school? After the interviews, we went to eat morning tea. There were all sorts of yummy things like gluten and dairy free chocolate cake, chocolate covered biscuits and cupcakes. We ate a lot so we wouldn’t get hungry in between the events. We played on the playground for a little while and then a photographer took a photo of us all.

When the photos were taken, we went back into the hall to continue the interviews. Right after this, the Kinma School showed us a video clip about what ‘Friendship Day’ is and about their 627 metre long friendship bracelet. The clip was very fascinating. After this we began making our own friendship bracelets. It was a bit tricky but we got the hang of it!

During this session, they announced that we were going to their creek after lunch. We were certainly looking forward to that!

At lunch we ate Spaghetti Bolognaise with parmesan cheese on top then played some soccer.

After this we went on a bushwalk to see their creek. On the way we picked up walking sticks and used them for the big hills. We also found bushes filled with Honeysuckles. We collected these and ate them on the way back.

When we finished our bushwalk, Mrs Apanian came and picked us up to take us back to school.

We had such a great time and made lots of new friends.

By Jonathan

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Last Wednesday, Alexander Primary School participated in the ‘Debating Workshop’ held at the Sydney Japanese School. This week we hosted the first debate of the ‘Forest District Interschool Debating Competition’. Our debating team consisted of Christine, Jessica, Ani and Jonathan with Samuel and Kevork acting as timekeeper and chairperson. We were the affirmative team for the first debate “Computers are good for us”. Our first speaker’s arguments were that computers are useful for research and homework purposes, they teach us responsibility and they increase technological skills of school aged students. Our second speaker’s arguments were about entertainment value, opening our eyes to the world and educational games.

Galstaun College was the negative team in the debate. We were able to argue and rebut their team’s case strongly so that we were victorious.

The second debate of the day was between the German International School and John Colet. Their topic was “Contact sports do more good than harm.” There were many good arguments presented by both sides. The negative team John Colet were the winners in the end.

I would like to congratulate every student in Years 5 and 6 for their hard work in preparing arguments for and against the topic. Also the work that they all did in coming up with rebuttals that they might be able to use during the debate and many of them did come in handy. 

Good luck for the next debate, to be held on Wednesday 22nd May at Galstaun College.

Mrs Meaghan Terrey - Debating Coordinator


Year 1/2 have been leaning about their local environment. Duffys Forest Vegetation Community is found exclusively around Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is listed as an endangered ecological community and is protected under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. The students have been using a program provided by Warringah Council to raise awareness about threatened species found in Warringah. The program aims to educate students about the values of urban bushland and in particular about the endangered vegetation community of Duffys Forest. As a part of the program all the students of the school got to participate in a workshop provided by the council and presented by Leonie Maddigan.

In the workshop the students were provided with an overview of the types of bushland found around Warringah. They were shown how our use of bushland has changed over time. Students were introduced to some of the plants found within the Duffys Forest community and shown the different plant layers. They leant about the types of animals found in the bushland and the basic habitat requirements of these animals. The children were given an understanding of the threats and dangers that are impacting on Duffys Forest Vegetation Communities and other types of bushland.

Leonie was able to make all this learning fun by bringing along examples of our native plants and animals and engaging the students in great games which taught them about plant layers, different types of vegetation and how animals come under threat. It was a fun packed morning full of varied learning experiences.

Mrs Vicky Dernee - Curriculum Coordinator


The students of Year 1/2 have been learning about India. They read a book about Indian cultures and customs. The book had a recipe for making coconut pancakes which the students were eager to try. Here is an account of what they did.

First Mrs Dernee took out the frying pan and we made the filling for the pancakes. We put in a spoon of butter and it looked like it was slipping.

After the funny slipping butter we put in the grated coconut, sugar and cardamom. The coconut made an enormous white hill and we had so much fun smashing it down and stirring it around the pan.

Then we took the filling mixture out of the pan and we started to make the delicious pancakes. First we got a big bowl and we cracked an egg in it, we added a pinch of salt and some sugar too.

Then we added pain flour and we mixed, and mixed and mixed until all the lumps disappeared.

Next we poured the batter in the pan. Then we had to wait until there were little bubbles on top of the batter. After the bubbles appeared we all had a turn of flipping the pancakes, that was great fun.

When the pancake was brown we took it out of the pan. We put the pancake on the plate. We then place the cooked coconut on the pancake. Next we rolled the pancake up with the filling inside. Sometimes the pancakes were too hot to roll, so we had to wait patiently until they cooled.

Lastly we were able to eat our scrumptious pancakes. Everyone is enjoying learning about India especially when we get to do fun activities like cooking!


This term the students participated in the Start Smart program which is designed to change the way students learn about money.

The students of P-2 were introduced to money, what it is used for and how it can be earned and saved. Guided by Captain Super Cents, the students were taught to distinguish between needs and wants and to recognise the dangers posed by Gobbles the Wallet Monster, who represented all those temptations to spend money needlessly. They learnt fun rhymes and tips to help them form solid financial habits.

The Year 3/4 workshop taught the students about earning, saving and spending money. The students also leant to recognise the social pressures that make them want to spend money in the first place. Coach Cash - their personal financial trainer, trained them to become elite athletes at managing their finances. 

Year 5/6 students learnt important financial literacy skills through a range of scenarios that related directly to their daily lives. They were taught about how we can earn money, what it means to earn money responsibly, how to set a budget, what interest is and how to compare prices when shopping.

These fun and engaging  workshops equipped the students with the confidence and competence to make smart decisions about money.


 On Thursday the Prep and Kindergarten class made jelly. First of all we wrote that jelly felt wobbly, it smelt sweet, it tasted yummy and that we love jelly! Then Mrs Terrey made the jelly with us.
First we sprinkled the jelly crystals into a jug.
Secondly, Mrs Terrey poured hot water into the jug to dissolve the crystals. Next we mixed the crystals with the water until we couldn’t see them anymore.
We added some cold water and then poured them into cups and put them into the fridge.
Today at recess, everyone was able to eat our delicious pink and red jelly.




We were honoured to have a very special visitor. Tsvetana Paskaleva, an award winning international correspondent and filmmaker presented a glimpse of her documentary/film “Karabakh’s Wounds” during assembly. It was very inspiring and heartening to hear her explain how the children of Karabakh continued to go to school and be playful even during the conflict with Azerbaijan, and how this kept her going as a reporter in the region at worst of times.

The Armenians of Karabakh and around the world will forever be indebted to her, for her amazing courage and dedication. As a Bulgarian born journalist, she had come like an angel to help the people of Karabakh and inform the rest of the world about their plight.

The students were intrigued with her story and asked interesting questions, vowing to never forget the visit and the names of those heroic solders she spoke about. Heroes like... Monte Melkonian, Ashot Ghoulian (Pegor)… heroes of our modern day history, the descendants of Vartan Mamigonian, David of Sasoun...


Since the start of the year more laptops have been introduced into our classrooms. As a result, the senior classes have a laptop per student.


On Tuesday, 9th April the students had a visit from two of the Life-Savers from Warringah Council. The Life-Savers gave an informative talk about beach safety and awareness.
First they reminded the students about the importance of being sun smart. The Life Savers highlighted the Cancer Council’s campaign of Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. The students were taught the valuable lesson of slipping on a t-shirt, slopping on sunscreen, slapping on a hat, seeking shade and sliding on wrap around sunglasses to prevent sun damage.

The students then learnt of the importance of swimming between the flags and the difference between rips and currents. The students now know what to do if they are stung by a blue bottle and can recognise a blue-ringed octopus. They know the correct behaviours that they should adopt, if they get into trouble in the water, and have learnt the places that they should steer clear of when they visit the beach. It was a great program that the children enjoyed. It gave them the skills to be well equipped for a safe visit to the beach.


On Monday we went to the Ku-ring-gai National Park. I went in Mrs Dernee’s car. We saw some animals on the way. When we got to the park we walked and we saw rocks and we scratched them and it made sand. Next we came to an ant hole. Then we came to the rocks and we sat down on the rocks and we opened our sketch books. Then we walked and walked and we went to a big rock. We opened our books and picked a tree to draw. Then we went back to school in the car. We opened the window and closed the window and then we got to school and it was time to go home.
Written by Alexandra

On Monday we went to Ku-ring-gai National Park. When we were driving to the park we saw a baby wallaby and some ducks. First we walked and we saw lots of interesting things. When we got there we walked and the first thing we saw was an ant hole. After we saw the ant hole the next things we saw were two trees and we felt the bark on the trees. The first tree was really smooth and the second tree was all rough and bumpy. After we saw the things we sat down and drew some rocks and plants. We walked and then we went back to school.
Written by Lara

We stopped and we saw an interesting tree and it was so smooth. It was fun to feel the tree. We took our bottles and our pencils on our walk. We went on Monday and we saw interesting stuff. We stopped and we drew. The people who came on our excursion were Lara, Alex, Lilit, Kevork, Christopher, Mrs Laura, Mrs Dernee and me.
Written by Jessica

When we were driving in the car we saw a wallaby, a horse and some ducks. When we were walking we saw very, very interesting things like a baby lizard, a butterfly and an ant hole. The ant hole was made out of interesting sand from the ground. When we walked a long way we saw a beautiful view. Before we went to the view we saw a tree and we felt the tree trunk. The tree felt different in different parts. The red part of the tree was smooth and the white part of the tree was normal. When we sat on the big rocks we started drawing some plants. Christopher drew seven, Kevork drew three, Lilit drew two, Alex drew one, Lara drew two and I drew two.
Written by Anita

We went to Ku-ring-gai National Park. When we were driving we saw a little wallaby. When we were in the park we saw a bull ant hole and Anita spotted a normal lizard and I saw a butterfly. Everyone didn’t know where the sand on the ground came from. Mrs Dernee told us how the sand got there. We rubbed one rock on another rock and we made sand. These rocks were called sandstone rocks. We went to a nice and peaceful view. We started to draw some things like little plants and little flowers. We saw trees with rocks on it. We went to another place and it had lots of sticks and lots of trees. I was nearly going to get lost.
Written by Christopher

On Monday we went to Ku-ring-gai National Park. We saw interesting insects like a butterfly. Mrs Dernee showed us an ant hole. Then we started to draw and colour in. Mrs Dernee let us feel two trees one was rough and one was smooth.
Written by Kevork

On Monday we went to Ku-ring-gai National Park which is the National Park of Duffys Forest. We saw ducks, horses and wallabies on the way to the park and back. When we got there we first saw a few sandstone rocks. If you rub them together you will find sand and if you rub too much you can make a sandcastle. We also saw an ant hole. It was brownish yellow. Mrs Dernee said that if you disturb them they will attack you. Anita and Lara pushed some sand in.
Written by Lilit


The ‘Sunday School’ of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection had organised a Children’s Art Exhibition on the theme of Easter. The exhibition was under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand.
Primary school aged children were invited to take part in the exhibition by submitting artwork depicting the Easter themes of Palm Sunday, Glorious Resurrection and Ascension. Students in Years 1-6 took part in this exhibition by submitting creative artwork. A selection of this artwork was put on display in the Edgarian Hall of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the week of ‘New Sunday’ and the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

The public exhibition commenced with an opening ceremony on Saturday 6th April. Before the opening of  the curtain to unveil the wonderful display of art, His Grace spoke warmly about the children and what they had produced. He was keen to talk to them and discover their thoughts and reasoning as to how, what and why they had produced their wonderful pieces of artwork in the way they had.

After having the opportunity to walk around and observe all the drawings, His Grace handed certificates of participation to all the children, including a bag of ‘goodies’. The exhibition was on display until the following day. During this period visitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece of art.
We are pleased to announce that two of our students, Narek Topouzian and Krikor Demirjian of Year 5 had their art work selected for a special presentation by His Grace the following week. Well done to all the students, who were thrilled to have their pieces of art on display and are looking forward to the next one!


Every second Friday throughout the term Year 3/4 have been going on a bushwalk. Each time we try to explore a different street in Duffys Forest. These are some of the discoveries we have made on our adventures.

I found a beautiful Lily lying near long sticks. I found it on the amazing bushwalk our class went on the 15th March 2013. I felt so happy that I was going to find more wonderful things. (Chanel)

My whole class found some pretty horses. My class found these cool horses at the stables. They found them at the end of the bushwalk. I felt cool that my class saw some beautiful horses because I haven’t seen horses for a long time. (Talia)

This is a photograph of Talia, Tzolare, Chanel, Samo, Nina, Taniel, Noah and Matthew. We are in a line singing the “Element Anthem” on our bushwalk on Friday. I was so happy singing the Element Anthem.(Taniel)

Our teacher found this dark rock on the side of the road on the bushwalk. I felt scared because I thought there was a scary snake in there. (Samuel)

Ms Smith took an awesome photograph of me power napping on the comfy rope fence. When she took the photograph I felt very relaxed zzzzzzz until the rope broke! (Noah)

Nina found a scary dead parrot on the dirt track. We found it at the beginning of the bushwalk. I felt very happy to find an amazing parrot. (Matthew)

On the muddy bushwalk on Friday we found lots of squishy mushrooms but these were the best one. They smelt bad that’s why I felt revolted. (Nina)

This is me and I found a patterned tree. It was in a bushy place I could see. I felt really really happy to see this pattern tree. (Tzolare)